Why Family Strategies?

It takes a lot of thought to do this family thing well. So many of us just leap, eyes wide shut into couplehood and then parenthood without really having a clue of what were are getting into. Although we may be advised by those who have gone down the path before us, we have to learn the hard way, by trial and error. And error and error. Most of us do not plan these things out, we do not look too far ahead, we just take the next indicated step…love, marriage, babies. Challenges abound and we deal with them as they come up. Our parents and friends try to tell us what they did and ask us to please please not do that! But we don’t listen. We do that. And we feel the pain of false steps. We also feel the joy of correctly navigating dangerous waters, when that happens. But eventually, the potholes get us, we stumble and fail and make wrong moves and get hurt and hurt others. Hurt people hurt people. At some point we either look for help or bail. Many bail and that’s too bad because they don’t learn the lessons being presented and will probably end up in the same place a few years down the road. It’s those who look for help that this site is meant for. Families of all sizes need strategies to get through the rough times and hard challenges of life. Look to future posts that will help guide you in the direction of solutions. In the mean time; be patient with yourself and your family members, you all deserve a break.